The KNB Coin

KNB is the primary cryptocurrency of Kronobit Networks.

Kronobit Networks is built using the KNB Cryptocurrency and will serve as the primary currency for all payments and transactions executed on the KNB Network Ecosystem.


Primary Usage of KNB

The application of Kronobit Networks will take user experience to the next level.

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Payments Transactions

KNB is perfect for sending and receiving payments through high transaction speed, and low fees. On Kronobit Networks, transaction speed takes less time than others and very low fee.

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Secure The Networks

The main utility of the KNB on Kronobit Networks is to secure the network via a Proof-of-Authority. With PoA, and friendly environment.

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Kronobit Networks is a fully decentralized autonomous ecosystem, any decision regarding the network is carried out by governance. With governance, stakers can propose and vote for changes and improvements.

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Network fees

KNB is used for network fees, such as transaction fees and fees to deploy smart contracts or to create new networks.